Circumstances beyond our control

We are in a different world ….. and I can’t do a thing about it.


This has been a momentous week in the UK. On Thursday the nation voted to leave the EU and since then we have begun to experience and understand the repercussions of this decision. Our Prime Minister has announced his intention to resign, our EU Commissioner likewise, the pound has weakened, share prices have fallen. Friends of mine who live in the UK but don’teu-1473958_1280 hold British passports are feeling insecure and unwanted, fellow Brits are feeling bewildered. Some voted to leave and some did not. The truth is that today whether we voted “leave” or “remain” we are in a very different world to the one we knew until Wednesday. And I can’t do a thing about it. It is all beyond my control.

When things are out of our control we can feel very anxious, whether it is a matter of national politics or something closer to home. Uncertainty makes us feel insecure.

As I write this I am reminded about the millions of people who are living with constant fear and insecurity because of war or famine. Unlike me they live with their lives on the line on a daily basis. Unlike me they have little hope of prosperity or security and no sense of control over their lives.File_000 (4)

We, on the other hand, often live our lives under the illusion that we are in control but it is not until something like this referendum, job loss or ill-health etc comes along that we realise that we are not in control. It is so much easier to trust God when life is going smoothly but I wonder if we are actually trusting more in the status quo? When faced with the reality that we are not in control things are different. This is when we see where our faith ultimately lies.

There is a greater reality, however, and that is that there is One who is in control, the One who holds the world in His hands, the One who flung stars into space. He is not fazed by world events or by the bumps along the way in our lives. This is where our security lies. Governments, politicians, and referenda may come and go but the Lord remains the same .He will never leave you or forsake you. (Heb 13:5)

I know that when I was diagnosed with breast cancer I suddenly had no control over what was happening to me. I was used to taking my health for granted but now I lost confidence in my body because it had succumbed to disease and I couldn’t do anything about it. Whatever may happen to us to bring change into our lives we can feel the same; we can lose our confidence and become bewildered.

I chose to put my trust in God. My favourite encouragement was “My Father loved me yesterday, He loves me today and He will love me tomorrow” My security is in the fact that God loves me and cares for me. There is nothing outside of his control (that is not to say that our lives will always follow the path that we wanted) and he knows about the detail of my life.

At times like these we need to regroup after the initial shock and turn again to the promises of God.

“The name of the Lord is a strong tower;
    the righteous man runs into it and is safe.” Prov.18:19

At times like these we need to pray. Prayer is a great antidote to anxiety. As we pray we cast all our cares on the Lord (I Pet. 5:7)  We also need to pray for those in authority over us – for the government and our local councils.

At times like these we need to encourage one another.

At times like these we need to lift our heads.

At times like these it is good to be reminded that we are not in control, but One who is much more reliable than we are, is in control. He is the Lord and He reigns on high and in my life too.


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EU/British flags: pixabay
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8 thoughts on “Circumstances beyond our control”

  1. Thank you Chris, I needed that today, in fact I need to be reminded of that every day during this season I find myself in!


  2. Hello Christine, am loving your blog, Thank you, so helpful, truthful and encouraging. Our Heavenly Father is unchanging ! x


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